People With Tourettes


There is written evidence of people with Tourette Syndrome since the 15th century. In more recent times, there have been numerous notable people who have suffered from the disorder.

Actor Dan Aykroyd, Australian astrophysicist Rodney Marks, and Actress Megan Fox have all reportedly been affected by Tourette's.

Tourette's has also afflicted people in the sports world including Major League Baseball player Jim Eisenreich, and professional basketball player Mahmoud Abdul–Rauf.

Soccer star Tim Howard and NASCAR racecar driver Steve Wallace have also suffered from Tourette's.

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Andre Malraux, a French author, adventurer, and statesman, had Tourette's. He served as the French Minister of State and then the Minister of Cultural Affairs from 1959–1969.

He died in 1976. It has also been speculated that famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had Tourette's, but this has not been verified.

Athletes Overcoming Tourette's

Goalkeeper Tim Howard plays soccer in England's Premier League. He played in the 2000 Olympics, 2006 World Cup and 2010 World Cup for the United States.

His Tourette's first appeared when he was in the fifth grade. Howard overcame obstacles to become a world–class soccer player.

Howard received Major League Soccer's Humanitarian of the Year award in 2003 for his work with children with Tourette's.

Jim Eisenreich had a particularly severe case of Tourette's as an adult. He actually gave up his major league baseball career as an outfielder in 1984 to undergo treatment for Tourette's.

Eisenreich returned to the professional league in 1987 and had a successful playing career until 1998.

Eisenreich had a career batting average of .290 and was a member of the 1997 World Series champion Florida Marlins.

Eisenreich and his wife Leann founded the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette's Syndrome in Kansas City in 1996.

Its goal is to help children with Tourette's achieve personal success. The National Institute of Health estimates that 100,000 Americans have full–blown Tourette's.